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One fine morning I was walking from home to bus station. It was 15 minute’s walk. I was looking around my neighborhood. Then I saw a beauty parlor nearby a saloon. As I saw it, I thought something was missing. I walk past down the beauty parlor and after short 6 minutes of walking, I noticed another beauty parlor. And this time a thought strike me “why are there a lot of beauty parlor in our community?

I used to walk down the street every day, but only that time, only in that day I had these thoughts “ — The world is highly materialistic and mundane.”

Yes! A shallow truth — The world is highly materialistic and mundane.

IT IS INDEED TRUE, people usually focus too much on the outer beauty of a person that they think a person is how they look physically.

The beauty of a person, they think lies outside.

They use cosmetic products like; powders, beauty creams, shampoos, perfumes, and other immense beauty products, just to look beautiful outside. Just to impress the person who they really do not like. And in this way, the idea of beauty is being objectified.

IT IS AN …undeniable truth that as a society we are way too much focused on outer beauty.

Another Ruddy truth is that our lifestyles and everything we purchase are nothing but a physical make up.

We only want to have the makeup physically. That’s why in every corner of a street or in any community there is a beauty parlor. And there is a beautician who makes our face and body pretty. However, the inner beauty of brain and mind of a person remains abandoned.

But!! The ugly truth is — Deep inside we have ugly minds.

And no one knows what one can do to make their mind beautiful. There is no beautician who can make our mind pretty. Mind or say the brain, of most people in the world, has been dirty, confused, stressed, anxious even though they have pretty face, bodies, pretty houses and so on.

One example of this statement would be those Successful celebrities who have committed suicide. Their life is a real-life example of the importance of mental health. They have a beautiful body, houses, fame almost everything but a reason they commit suicide is because they have a poor and miserable mental health. Their inner life, the mind (brain) is unhealthy.

One reason is often given for this by psychologist and psychiatrists — — “mental health issues is largely ignored.”

Let’s look at the present condition of two concurrent societies about its mental health issue:

One with the living conditions of Yorkshire of London, there has been a surge in the number of patients who suffer from mental illness — an increase of 65,000 in three years. In the North East, 18,000 new cases were observed.
And another society is Kathmandu, the place where I live. It has the 2nd highest rate of DALY’s (“Disability adjusted life years”) (caused by depression in the world, tailing only the United States)

Also the prevalence range of major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Anxiety range from 19 -37%. About 10% of woman suffers from postpartum depression. Prevalence of MDD and anxiety in Nepal is highest among Displaced people (those who can no longer live in their homes usually due to violence or other unsafe circumstances)

By comparing two societies, one which is modern and developed another which is still backward in many ways and still developing, one thing is obvious.

Mental health seems to have no relation to the development of Nation and infrastructures or having the fulfillment of basic needs.

London has all the clinics, Proper mental health awareness, world best psychiatrics, and hospitals but still, the mental health is on the rise.
Kathmandu barely has so and they are also depressed.

So, mental health is a critical issue not only in poor and developing country like ours but also in infrastructurally developed London. One can have all physical need and still be dissatisfied. One cannot have less physical status and still be dissatisfied.

Thus, my appeal is there is no need of only Beauty parlor. BUT ALSO, there is a need of hypothetical places like BRAIN PARLOR (a place to make up your brain pretty.). OR there is need of both beauty parlor ad brain parlor equally.

The fear I have is when we, as members of society, ignore mental health, and then the overall well-being of our lives keeps on hindering. There it leaves a void in our mind and it leaves us with bad mental health.

Why brain parlor?

We are all unique, interesting people who have something to offer to one another, but when we ignore our own mental and emotional health we stop attempting a lot of things that make us human. Things like smiling, laughing, socializing, eating, all get put on the back burner. When we ignore mental health, a person’s field of view is inward, not outward. We can’t take any happiness in if we place our focus on inner negatives.

It’s not entirely clear at this time why depression rates have risen so dramatically. In all likelihood, there are multiple factors at play.

One possibility raised by many — and summarized by Robert Whitaker, in his book Anatomy of an Epidemic — is that pharmacological treatment itself may be one of the prime culprits, despite clearly helping some of the people who take it. The medical drug, we take for the betterment of our mental health causes us a lot of problems.

Our approach to deal with mental health seems to be wrong.
Statics show that more women die globally due to mental illness than the child birth related cause.

“In many countries, in parts of Asia such as India and China, suicide ranks alongside maternal mortality or incredibly, is sometimes even higher. it is the leading cause of death of young women,” said Vikram Patel, one of the leading advocates and pioneers of incorporating mental health services in poor countries.

This is why there is necessity of brain parlor in the world

One a functional level, Brain parlor offers a variety of products and services covering the absract science of mind to help you with your emotional and mental health.

It will help you to maintain a good emotional intelligence
Brain parlor will be the beautician who helps you to make your mind beautiful.
We also Create awareness on emotional health and our core vision is to make everyone emotionally healthy by having pretty brains.

It will offer you different beauty products available like counseling, therapies, emotional intelligence, self-love and so on.
All the holistic psychological approaches is to be offered in brain parlor

how to make your mind pretty “The best way to start is by just being yourself.” This takes away a lot of stress and pressure about trying to make yourself appear something you are not.

Life is never 100 per cent perfect, but as long as our main essential needs are being met, and our resources are being used well, we do not suffer mental / emotional health problems. However, if just one of these needs is unmet, or our resources are being misused, it can affect our mental health and well being. so brain parlor focuses on making it happen.

It is a fact that we all have basic emotional needs that must be met for us to thrive and enjoy life. After the primary human needs for food, water and shelter come commonly shared emotional and physical needs. Without exception, we find depressed people are not getting these needs met.
These days we are much more ‘self-focused’. The idea of considering the wider community to be more important than the self is almost impossible to understand for most people.

Major depression is the 4th most disabling condition in the world, and 2nd most in the developed world. A well as the human cost, the burden on society is incredible. Much of the research on this site about effective treatments for depression has been controlled by the US government, in order to try and find the best way to overcome depression. The cost to society is real, and we need to find the best way to beating depression for good.

As we know now for sure, people suffering from a mental health condition often have to deal with stigmas. A person who becomes anxious in social situations and prefers to be alone is suddenly a recluse.

Depression could cause an adult to lose interest in a lot of things. Often this results in the person’s friends abandoning them, due to the fact that the person may not seem interested in having friends at all. One may lose interest in family and society.

So it’s clear to see that mental or emotional health has a huge impact on a person’s quality of life. So why do we continue to ignore it and place stigmas and stereotypes on people suffering from such a thing? — -The answer is unclear.

Recently, there has been started, campaigns and awareness programs and a lot of education attempting to educate the public about mental health awareness, but in reality, it comes down to the individual taking the initiative to educate themselves with a conversation about mental health.

Brain parlour would be the place with the idea to remove the stigma and talk about their issues. Brain parlor would offer necessary resources to heal your mental and emotional problem with the help of best psychics, healers, psychotherapist, psychologist and so on. Brain parlor is to be made available to anyone in the community who wants to make their brain pretty.

In conclusion, it is indeed time to wake up, because mental and emotional health problem is serious, and should be treated as soon as possible. And yeah! Whenever you have the emotional problem, family issues, lonely, negative thoughts, Brain parlor promises to help you with that! — to make your brain pretty!




interested in philosophy, programming, design, and gaining new experiences.

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Ashish Katuwal

Ashish Katuwal

interested in philosophy, programming, design, and gaining new experiences.

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